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30-31 of March&1 of April 2018

University of Crete (Rethumno)
Amphitheater D3





"Terpsichore's Works" a company dedicated in supporting and promoting dance, is organizing the 14th International Terpsichore Dance Competition. The organizer is the chairman of the company, Claire Gouvianaki - Patrigot. The competition will take place at the Melina Merkouri Municipal Theatre of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece 7,8 and 9 of April 2017  and is open for girls and boys with ages from 7 years and more. The participants receiving the highest distinction in the competition will receive scholarships in distinguished schools/faculties of dance in Europe, awards and gifts. The procedures and the terms of the competition, the rules for evaluation of the participants and the applications forms and information on how to order the DVD are described below (in Greek). Please contact us for more information on how to apply.

The Evaluation Committee members can be announced uppon request by the end of February 2018

Competition Complete Form


Application Form (*)

[Ms Word] [PDF]

DVD and CD order form (*) (**)

[Ms Word] [PDF]

Each participant wishing to compete in more than one categories must fill in one application for each category he/she wishes to participate and pay the amount of 40 for a single entry, 80 for two entries, 100 for three entries, 120 for four entries and for five entries 150. 



Application forms for the competition and for DVD and CD ordering must be send to the address: "Claire Gouvianaki - Patrigot, Mastraha 11,PO.BOX 71202 Herakleion, Crete, GRECE"  the latest until  24 March 2017 (post office stamp)    (more).


The DVD and CD order form can be send electronically in this e-mail:  gouvianaki@her.forthnet.gr


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