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30-31 of March&1 of April

University of Crete (Rethumno)
Amphitheater D3





A group from a school can participate with different choreographies in different categories but one group can not present more than one choreography in one category.

Extreme caution must is required for the age limits of each category for each participant, taken into account the exact date the dance competition takes place,  so that each participant is only competing in categories he/she belongs.  Cases that younger participants are to compete in categories that the age limits are higher have also the right to compete in that category but they will be judged the same with all other participants in that category. Participation in a category that the participant's age is higher than the age limits of this category is not allowed.

Imposing costume for participating in classic dance:  a) For girls:  light color leotards, short transparent small skirt (optional) and light color tights.  b) For boys black tights and vest top (T-shirt).  c) For choreographies of repertory costumes are allowed.

During the dance competition entrance is not allowed to anybody. If requested analytical results for each participant will be given after the end of the competition.

During the dance competition photographs or video recording is not allowed. Photographs and video will be available to all outside the theater during the competition.

You must attach a small photograph on the top left corner of you application in the designated space.

Every participant must pay with postal cheque the amount of 40 for every competition entry in every category. The cheque must be send to:  Claire Gouvianaki - Patrigot, Mastraha 11, PO.BOX 71202,  Herakleion, Crete, GRECE".  Each participant wishing to compete in more than one categories must fill in one application for each category he/she wishes to participate and pay with postal cheque, one for every participation entry (attached with the application form), the amount of 40. For a person having more than one participation entries (in various categories) the total amount he/she must pay is 80, whether in three categories the amount is 100, in four categories the amount is 120 and in five is 150.

For any information you may need we are at your disposal from 15:00 - 22:00 form Monday to Friday and 10:00 15:00 for Saturdays and you can call us on : +30-281-0-288512.


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